Press Forward is an independent initiative whose mission is to change culture in newsrooms.

We aspire to create safe, civil and diverse workplaces for women and men to do their best work in journalism. We believe every voice in the newsroom matters – from the intern to the anchor – and journalists should strive for change that is reflective of not only the American population but ethical work standards: respectful, free of sexual harassment, void of abuses of power and discrimination, while ensuring equal pay policies, parity with assignments and advancement of women and minorities to leadership roles.

Now is the time for lasting culture change in the media. By working together, we can Press Forward.

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Press Forward is a fiscally sponsored fund of Community Initiatives, a registered non-profit. As a component fund, every dollar donated will go directly to support our mission to create a safe work environment and elevate the stature of women in the workplace, beginning in the newsroom. You can help us reach this goal by considering a tax-deductible donation today.