Guidance for a Newsroom Leader

Journalism is a calling, and getting a story to print or air requires a strong team and sometimes nothing short of a miracle. Newsrooms have a unique challenge in that they operate under intense deadlines with limited room for mistakes. Journalists can also be demanding – it’s what makes them so effective at their jobs! Balancing this unique environment while … Read More

Rules of Engagement

Press Forward believes both men and women should feel safe to work together. We understand a lot of guys are feeling a bit unsafe right now, or worried they may have said something that will land them in HR. Don’t worry, we love guys. And we will help you find the lines in any grey areas so that everyone can … Read More

If You’re Being Harassed

When faced with sexual harassment in the workplace, most of us don’t have the training to know what to do or say when it happens.  Many times we are shocked and rendered speechless, or comply with their requests because we don’t know how to say “no” to a person who holds the power over our careers.  Press Forward Board of … Read More