About Us

Press Forward is an initiative founded by current, former and aspiring female journalists who created Press Forward out of a desire to effect change in an industry where we began our careers and find concrete solutions to the problems the industry is facing today. Our mission is to develop solutions that will change the media industry so that newsrooms are safe, inclusive and fair for all women. We are comprised of award-winning TV and print journalists, CEOs, lawyers, nonprofit professionals and management consultants.

We informally launched in December 2017, on the same day Time magazine announced the Silence Breakers as “Person of the Year.”   In three short months, we established Press Forward, which is being incubated as a component fund within the Greater Washington Community Foundation. As a nonpartisan and independent initiative, we are all passionate about the role of the American press in a free society and dedicated to maintaining its integrity for service to the American public. Through our initiatives we will strive to create a blueprint for permanent culture change, adopted by executives at all levels of the industry – from local newsrooms to network newsrooms and, ultimately, scaled to other industries.

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  • Melinda Arons
  • Dianna Pierce Burgess  
  • Kyle Godfrey-Ryan
  • Katie Glenn
  • Dianna Goldberg May 
  • Eleanor McManus  
  • Gloria Sinclair Riviera
  • Lara Setrakian 
  • Carolyn McGourty Supple
  • Shannon Van Sant 
  • Cary Hughes Weekes 
  • Addie Zinone