Rooted in the belief that knowledge is power, The Press Forward fosters systemic change in the full spectrum of the workplace, from the classroom to the boardroom. We provide innovative training and resources to newsrooms, conduct and disseminate powerful industry research, invest in the future of journalism through university curriculum development and classroom engagement, and convene professionals at all levels of the journalism industry—from the seasoned media mogul to the undergraduate student—to be a part of the solution. Based on the science of change, which posits that behavioral awareness and knowledge will lead to personal transformation, we work to create a more ethical industry through:


In partnership with the Poynter Institute, we deliver evidence-based training directly to newsrooms to eliminate harassment and build cultures of trust.


We play an active role in data collection, analyzing newsroom culture, tracking the prevalence of women and minorities in leadership, how to manage power ethically and forecasting industry trends. We also apply secondary workplace research to the news industry, giving leaders the knowledge and tools they need to be successful in their given roles.


We are investing in the future of journalism by promoting ethical leadership as a core competency in college and university programs. Our open-source national curriculum will be piloted in journalism schools beginning in Fall 2020.


We foster dialogue at universities and in media companies, convene and coach key influencers in the industry to make critical changes, and help them fulfill their potential as ethical and effective leaders.